Monitor I2C Sensors


Procedure for using I2C sensors

  • Scan for Sensors
  • Click to monitor via analog gauge
  • List of I2C sensors supported thus far (Minimal data logging. Configuration options via the graphical utility might be incomplete)
    • MPU6050 3 Axis Accelerometer, 3 axis Angular velocity (Gyro)
    • MPU9250 9-DOF sensor
    • MS5611 : 24 bit pressure and temperature sensor. Can resolve 15cm height variations
    • TSL2561 Luminosity measurements
    • BMP280 Pressure and Temperature sensor
    • MCP4725 Single channel DAC
    • PCA9685 PWM controller
    • MLX90614 Passive IR

Reading with Python Code

Check out the Programmer’s manual for sensors

Luminosity sensor(TSL2561) Example

A light sensor is being monitored with the flash of the camera enabled. As the camera approaches the sensor, the readings go up. Not a very clever example. TODO.

Luminosity sensor(TSL2561) Example. Video recording
sensor ezgif com-optimize

Project Example with TSL2561 light sensor: Malus Law